Top Ten Signs You're a Veteran Puppy Raiser

  1. You've gotten your own ears tattooed.
  2. Have acquired a taste for Nylabone.
  3. Waiters look at you odd when you prefer to lie under the table.
  4. Can tie-off a plastic bag with one hand.
  5. Made yourself an extra large green puppy coat in hopes of getting into a Blazer game for free.
  6. Fine-tuned your own diet to just 3 cups in the morning.
  7. When walking with friends, they're always on your left.
  8. Office Depot's "Taking Care of Business" slogan makes you smile.
  9. You no longer go ANYWHERE without 2 bags in your pocket.
  10. When asked, "Can I pet your dog?" you respond with "Only if you buy an Entertainment Book." :-)