Full Circle

By Louise Henry, Puppy Raiser
Copyright May 28, 2002

They say "you're matched", I knew they would,
You gave it your all, to be the best you could.
For you were born - a selected few,
With such an important job to do.

You came to me, that special day,
A bundle of joy, just wanting to play.
We played, we worked, we were a team,
Becoming a guide was more than a dream.

One year with you, it went so fast,
Oh, how I wanted it to last!
But in my heart I always knew,
There was someone else who needed you.

You were off to school, still just a pup,
And now you're a Guide Dog, all grown up.
You traded your puppy coat for a harness, it's true,
Can't wait to get a glimpse of you!

I'll proudly watch as you find the door,
You'll know when to sit or lie on the floor.
You'll stay by the side of your new found friend,
For the depth of your loyalty has no end.

You'll give it your best, working day after day,
Guiding your master and leading the way.
When you grow old and start to slow,
There's just one thing I want you to know.

If you and your master should have to part,
You can come back home, where you got your start.
For you're in my heart, a part of me,
The puppy I loved - the Guide Dog to be.